Microformats 2 parser for node.js

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microformats-node - API demo

This API uses the new version 2 parser created in Jan 2013

Type in the address of a web page that contains a microformat and choose the microformat from the dropdown list.

Install and documentation

If you wish to use microformat-node module in your node.js projects or setup your own API you will find install notes on documentation on the microformat-node project page.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with microformat-node? Please raise an issue at: https://github.com/glennjones/microformat-node/issues

Run tests

The module inculdes a web pages which runs the microfomats 2 test suite using the javascript test framework mocha. The test are broken into two sets v2 tests and v1 tests.


The project is open sourced under MIT licenses. See the license.txt file within the project source.